We spend one third of our life in bed. Clean bedding is as important as clean clothing. Fresh clean pillows, sheets, and blankets give us peace of mind for a better night’s sleep. The same goes for comforters, duvets, and fillers. A clean bed is healthier for us and our families. When you drop off your weekly, seasonal, and monthly dry cleaning, make sure to let us know of any special requests or time frames you may be looking for.

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There is nothing like clean drapery to give your house a fresh look. Drapery has special needs when it comes to cleaning. It takes a beating from the sun, the seasonal cold and heat, playful children and pets, and smoke and kitchen smells, yet it needs to look beautiful to all that see it. Curtains and shears are long and somewhat delicate; they need to be handled with professional care that only an experienced dry cleaner can give. We remove, clean, and re-hang your drapes for you. Pro-Clean is located in Brookfield on Bluemound. Let us help keep your drapes looking good.

Keep Your Home Fresh

Keep Your Home Fresh

Keep Your Home Fresh