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Clothing is very personal; it is an extension of who we are. Our entire lives, we are on the quest for the perfect clothing to define our individuality, our events, and the moments in our life. Doing laundry is a necessary part of our routine or chores. You may not like doing laundry, but at Pro-Clean, we do! Let us help you look your personal best with our laundry services.

Shirts, pants, suits, blouses, and skirts make up a big part of our professional office attire. Having them clean, fresh, and pressed keeps you looking good in the office. And with our drop off and pick up services, what could be easier? When the winter season is over or just beginning, bring in your outerwear. Jackets, coats, fur, and leather. We can clean them all, and even store them for you if needed.

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Drycleaning men's shirts



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Delicate Garments

We specialize in delicate garments

Beaded gowns, lace dresses, ruffled blouses, silk ties and jackets all need the tender loving care of Pro-Clean Dry Cleaners. Mending and alterations are available for your special wardrobe apparel.

Cotton, Silk, Rayon

Cotton, Silk, Rayon

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