Maintain Your Apparel

Clothing is an investment of time and money. By keeping up on the wear and tear of your apparel and footwear, you can enjoy your wardrobe¬†for a long time to come. At Pro-Clean, we can help you maintain your look by offering men’s and women’s shoe repair, as well as tailoring and seamstress services.

Men's shoe repair

Men's Shoe Repair

men's tailoring services


Seamstress Brookfield


women's shoe repair Brookfield

Women's Shoe Repair

Sewing and Alterations

Everyone needs some occasional adjustments to their clothing. At Pro-Clean Dry Cleaners, we offer a number of services to help your clothing fit correctly or to repair damages. Hemming of garments like pants, skirts, shirts, and sleeves will help you with the fit and bring a polished look to your garments. We can fix torn pockets, replace lost buttons, and repair ripped seams. Pro-Clean is conveniently located on Bluemound Road, just west of Calhoun Road.

Fit And Finish

Fit And Finish

Fit And Finish